Pune PMC Lockdown Order 12th July 2020 English Translation

PMC has sent out the Covid lockdown order in Pune. Since it’s in Marathi, many of our friends may not be able to read and understand it completely. To help them, have tried to translate in English for key provisions only. It’s a 10-page document, but this information will be sufficient to understand the summary.

If you do understand Marathi, here is the original order.PMC Lockdown Order 12/07/2020

a. What is the lockdown period and time?

All grocery shops – both retail and wholesale will remain closed from 14th July 1 am to 18th July midnight

From 19th July to 23rd July, only essential shops to remain open from morning 8 am to 12 pm

b. Will Online deliveries be open?

No. All online delivery services like Zomato, Swiggy to remain off fromĀ  14th July 1 am to 23rd July midnight

c. Can I take a walk or Play?

No. All playgrounds will remain closed. Morning Walk, Jogging, an Evening walk is prohibited

d. Will Hotels be open?

No. All hotels, malls, resorts, bars, lodge (except ones in use under Vande Bharat) will remain closed

e. Haircutting / Beauty Saloons?

No. Will be closed in the above period

f. What about vegetable hawkers / Fruit markets?

from 14th to 18th, these will remain closed – both retail and wholesale. from 19th July yo 23rd July, those will be open from 8 am to 12 pm

g. Mutton / Chicken / Fish

same as above f

h. All schools, educational institutions, tuitions to remain closed

I. Vehicles? can I drive around?

No. All 2/3/4 wheeler private and transport vehicles not allowed. Only pre-authorized travel to airport/station, and medical vehicles are allowed

j. What vehicles allowed?

Only ones with emergency services or provisions, else none allowed

k. Will construction be allowed?

No. Except where workers live onsite can work

L. other entertainment?

All swimming pools, playhouses, theaters, bars to remain closed

m. Weddings?

All wedding venues and halls to remain closed. Only pre-approved weddings with less than 20 guests will be allowed

n / q. All private offices to remain closed

o. All political, social, religious, entertainment, sports events will NOT be allowed

p. All religious places / places of worship to remain closed

q. E-commerce like amazon and Flipkart

To remain closed from 14th to 18th July. Will be OPEN from 19th July onwards

2. List of services that will either remain fully or partially open during all this period

a. Milk delivery

b. medical and veterinary

c. all hospitals. No hospital can refuse emergency service taking lockdown as an excuse

d. Medical shops and online medical

e. All courts, state, and central govt office as per prev guidelines. 10 pct presence with work from home wherever possible

f. Petrol pumps will remain open from 9 am to 2 pm, however, will ONLY serve to govt vehicles on duty and emergency services

g. LPG delivery will continue as usual

h. Newspapers as per guidelines. Delivery to be only between 6 am to 9 am.

l. Online banking / ATM, banks with limited staff

m. All people who are allowed to travel under above categories must carry their Adhar card and all vehicle documents

r. IT companies with 15% staff. Encourage to work from home

u. Helpers for the elderly will be allowed

In summary, No one is allowed to roam around without a valid reason which should be one of the above. If caught, the vehicle will be confiscated and Licence will be revoked

Overall, its a 10-page document, however, have translated key provisions and have given respective references to clauses in the document. Hope you find it useful. If you do, please do share it with others. Also, check out 15 cool ideas for lockdown.

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