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Ancient Indian Sculpture History

Ancient Indian sculpture dates back to the day of the Indus valley civilization. In fact in any form of art in India, it may be architecture sculpture or craft have their origin in the history of world civilization. Ancient Indian sculpture proves that Indian sculpture once ranked a one of the highest in the entire world. A characteristic of Indian sculpture is that it is primarily realistic in nature and that human forms appear in it closely related to the surroundings.

In fact, the sculptures are so closely related to surroundings that Flora and Fauna can also be seen represented finely along with minute petals that show the degree of skill of the sculptors. All of these details make it stand out from sculpture of the rest of the world!

The advancement of Indian sculpture can mainly be attributed to the ancient Indian Rulers who did a lot to contribute to it due to their interest in art and sculpture. The kingdom of Magadh and Asoka especially can be attributed to it. Asokas sculptures that were carved into pillars from sandstone have been greatly appreciated by art critics over the world. They have become something of a tourist attraction.

After them it was the turn of the Cheras, Cholas, Chalukyas, Pallavas, Pratiharas and several other patron dynasties. All of them have certain sculptures that can be attributed to their dynasties. Especially, the Chola architecture along with the Hampi and Halibid works are considered to be outstanding works of art.

All of these make it very clear that Ancient Indian Art is definitely something to be very proud of. It is something that is of a pride to the nation and visited by tourists all around.

This site covers all areas for Ancient Indian History for kids. There are several essays to refer to for your school history study. We start off with ancient India timeline, various ancinet empires like the Mauryan empire and the Gupta empire. You will find information about ancient Indian society and culture, rulers, wars, costumes and several such facinating subjects. History of ancient India for kids is quite fascinating and long.