Ancient Indian Names of People Girls A to D: In India, there is a tradition of naming the newly born with a meaning which perfectly suits him or her in terms of appearance or nature etc. Following are some of the names of girls and boys in ancient India:

Aaratrika = lamp beneath ‘Tulsi’ plant

Aarya, Arya = Goddess Parvati, Durga

Aashritha = Somebody who gives shelter

Aatmaja, Atmaja = Daughter

Abhaya = Fearless

Adwitiya = Matchless

Agrata = Leadership

Ahilya, Ahalya = Without any deformation, Wife of Gautam Rishi, A woman who was saved by Lord Rama

Aishani = Goddess Durga

Akshainie = Goddess Parvati

Akshata = Rice offered as a sacred substance during puja (worship)

Akshita = Wonder Girl

Akula = Goddess Parvati

Ambar = The sky

Amodini = Joyful, Pleasurable

Amrita = Nectar, Spiritual holy water, Immortality

Amritambu = Moon

Anala = Fiery, Sizzling

Anamika = Ring-finger

Ananda = Joyful

Anandamayi = Full of joy

Ananta = Without End

Anila = Wind

Anjali = Tribute

Anjushri, Anjushree = Dear to one’s heart, Beloved

Annapurna = Devi Bhagavati, Goddess of Food, Goddess Parvati, Generous with food

Anshula = Sunny

Anuja = Younger Sister

Anusuya, Anasuya, Anasooya = Friend of Shakuntala, Wife of the sage ‘Atri’

Anwesha = Quest, Search

Apsara = Celestial maiden

Aruna = Dawn, Sunrise

Asha, Aasa, Aasha = Hope, Aspiration

Aslesha = A constellation of stars, Embrace

Atreyi, Atreyee = Name of a river, a container of glory

Avani, Abani = Earth

Avantika = Queen, Princess of Ujjain

Ayushmati = One who has a long life, Eternal one

Baidehi, Vaidehi = Sita, Wife of Lord Rama

Bala, Baala = A young girl

Balamani = Young jewel, Small jewel

Basanti, Vasanti = Spring

Bela = Time, Creeper, Jasmine Flower

Bhadra = Gentle, Blessed, Prosperous, Fortunate

Bhagirathi = The river Ganga

Bhagwanti = Lucky

Bhagwati = Lucky, Goddess Durga

Bhamini = Woman, Beautiful, Glorious

Bhanumati, Bhaanumati = Full of Lustre, Famous

Bhargavi = Goddess Parvati, Beautiful, Charming

Bhavani = Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga

Bhilangana = A river

Bilwa, Bilva = Auspicious Fruit – Bael, A sacred leaf

Buddhana = Aware, Enlightened One

Chakrika = Goddess Lakshmi

Chanda = Moon, Great Goddess

Chandi = Great Goddess, Angry name of goddess Sakti, Silver

Chandni, Chandini, Chandani = Moonlight, A river

Chandra, Chandira = Moon

Chandrabhaga = River Chenab

Chandrakala = Beams of the moon

Chandrakin = Peacock

Chandramani = Moonstone, Jewel

Chandrani = Wife of the moon

Chandraprabha = Moonlight

Chandraswaroopa = Like Moon

Chandravati =

Chapala = Quick, Restless, Lighting

Charumati = Intelligent, Wise, A beautiful lady

Charvi = Lovely, A beautiful woman

Chatura = Smart, Wise

Chitrali = A row of pictures, Beautiful Lady

Chitramala = Series of pictures

Chitrangada = Name of Arjun’s wife

Daksha = The skilled one, The earth, Sati – wife of Lord Shiva

Dakshayani = Goddess Durga, The daughter of Daksha

Damayanti = Nala’s wife, Beautiful

Darshwana = Pure of heart

Deepali, Dipali = Row of lamps, Collection of lamps

Deeptimoyee, Deeptimayee = Lustrous

Devangana = Celestial maiden

Devani = Shining Celestial Goddess

Devasree = Divine Beauty

Devi, Daevi = Goddess, The Diety

Devika, Daevika = Minor deity, Goddess

Dhaanyalakshmi, Dhanalakshmi = Goddess of wealth

Dhana = Wealthy

Dhanadeepa = Lord of Wealth

Dhara = Constant flow, the earth

Dharani = Bearing, The earth

Dharitri = The earth

Dhatri = Earth, Goddess Parvati, A solar deity, Representative of the sun

Diksha, Deeksha = Initiation, Consecration

Divya = Divine, Divine Lustre, Heavenly, Brilliant

Draupadi = Daughter of Drupad, Wife of the Pandavas

Dulari = Dear one, Beloved

Durga = Goddess Durga, Parvati, Devi

Durgeshwari = Goddess Durga