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Ancient Indian Names of People Boys E to L

Eekalabya, Ekalavya = A pupil of Dronaachaary
Ekaksh, Ekaaksh = One-eyed
Ekaling = Name of Lord Shiva
Ekdant, Ekadant = Another name of Lord Ganesha
Gajaadhar, Gajadhar = One who can command an elephant, Elephant tamer
Gajbaahu, Gajabahu = who has strength of an elephant
Ganak, Ganaka = An astrologer, Mathematician
Ganapati = Lord Ganesha, Leader of the elephants
Gandharv, Gandharva = Celestial musician, Master in music
Ganesh = Lord Ganesha, Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati
Gangesh = Lord Shiva, Lord of the Ganges River
Garud, Garuda = The king of bird, Falcon, A large mythical bird
Gati, Gatik = Speed, Fast, Progressive
Gaurang, Gauraang = A fair one, Husband of Gauri (Parvati), Lord Shiva
Gauranga, Gouranga = Fair complexioned, Golden-limbed, Having a white or yellowish body, Cow coloured
Gautam, Gautama, Goutam = The name of the Buddha
Ghanaanand = Happy like clouds
Ghanshyam, Ghanashyam = Lord Krishna, Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming evening
Giri = Mountain
Girik, Girika = Lord Shiva, Heart of the gods
Girindra = Lord of the mountains, Lord Shiva
Giriraaj, Giriraj = King of mountains
Girish = Lord of Mountains, Shiv, Mahadev
Gopal, Gopaal = Lord Krishna, Cowherd, Protector of cows
Gopi, Gopee = A cowherd, Protector of cows
Gorakhnath, Gorakhanatha = A famous medieval Hindu yogi (saint), Name of a saint of Gorakh community, Mastered his senses
Goswamee, Goswami = Master of cows
Gotum, Gautam = Lord Buddha
Govinda, Gobinda = A cowherd, one who is good at finding cows, Lord Krishna
Gudakesha, Gudakesa = The archer Arjuna
Gurdev = Almighty God
Guru = Teacher, Master, Priest
Hari = God Vishnu, God Narayanan, Lord Krishna
Harinarayan = Lord Vishnu
Harit = Green
Himadri = Himalaya
Hiranmay, Hiranmaya = Made of gold
Hiranya = A precious metal
Inder, Indra = The god of weather and war, Lord of the devas
Indra = Leader of the gods, The God of the atmosphere and sky
Jagadish, Jagadisha = God, Master of the Universe
Jagathi = The earth
Jagdeep = Lamp of the world
Jagdish = God, Lord of the universe, The ruler of the world
Jagmeet = Friend of the world
Jahnu = Name of an Ancient Sage & divine King
Jai = Conqueror, Defeater, The victorious one
Javas = Quick, Swift
Jay = Victory
Jitendra, Jitender = One who can conquer Indra, Lord of conqueror, The powerful conqueror
Jyotis = Light
Kailash = Adobe of Lord Shiva, Name of a Himalayan peak
Kama = The golden one, Love
Kamalesh, Kamlesh = The preserver, Lord Vishnu
Kanak, Kanaka = Gold
Kannan, Kannen = A Form of Krishna
Karan = A warrior
Karthik, Kartik = Name of a month in the Hindu calendar, Bestowing Courage and Pleasure
Karunanidhi = Kind Hearted
Kashyap = Name of a Vedic Sage, The priest of Parasurama and Ramachandra
Kiran = A ray of light
Kirti, Keerti = Fame
Krishna = Lord Krishna, Dark, Black
Krishnadas, Krishnadasa =
One who serves Krishna
Kumar = Prince, A boy or son
Lai = The beloved one
Lakshman, Laxman = Auspicious
Lakshmidhar = Lord Vishnu
Lakshminath = Consort of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu
Lal, Laal = Lovely, Beloved, Dear one, Red colour

This site covers all areas for Ancient Indian History for kids. There are several essays to refer to for your school history study. We start off with ancient India timeline, various ancinet empires like the Mauryan empire and the Gupta empire. You will find information about ancient Indian society and culture, rulers, wars, costumes and several such facinating subjects. History of ancient India for kids is quite fascinating and long.