Ancient Indian Names of People Boys C to D:

Chakor = A bird that loves the moon

Chakradhar = Name of Lord Vishnu

Chakravartee, Chakravarti = A sovereign king

Chanakya, Chaanakya = Name of Kautilya – the great scholar, Bright

Chandak = The moon

Chandan = Scented Wood, Sandalwood

Chandra = A shining moon

Chandraayan = The moon

Chandrabhan = The moon, Lustrous as the moon

Chandradev = Moon God, A King

Chandraketu = Moon banner

Chandramauli = Lord Shiva

Chandramohan = Attractive like the moon

Chandran = Moon

Chandranath = The moon, King of the moon

Chapal = Swift, Lightning, Clever, Restless

Charak = An ancient physician, One of the founders of Ayurveda

Charuchandra, Chaaruchandra = Beautiful moon, Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna

Charuvrat = Of good character

Chatur = Clever

Chaturaanan = With four faces

Chaturbhuj = Broad shouldered, Strong, Lord Vishnu

Chetan, Chaten, Chaitan = Perceptive, Consciousness, Life, Excellent Intelligence

Chetanaanand = Supreme Joy

Chidaakaash = Absolute Brahma

Chidaatma = Supreme spirit

Chidambar, Chidambaram = Sky like heart, One who has a heart as wide as the sky

Chidananda = Lord Shiva

Chinmayanand, Chinmayananda = Blissful, Supreme consciousness

Chiranjeev, Chiranjeeve = Lord Vishnu, Immortal

Chitraksh = Beautiful Eyed

Daiwik = By the grace of God

Daksha = The skilled one Damodara = Tied with a rope around the belly, Krishna
Dandak = A forest

Dandapaani = An epithet for Yama

Darshan = To perceive, Vision

Datta = One who is given, Donor

Dayaamay, Dayamayee = Full of mercy, Kind

Dayananda = One who takes joy in being merciful

Dayaanidhi = Kind, one who gives

Deenabandhu = Friend of the poor

Deepan = Lighting up, Illumination

Deepankar, Dipankar = One who lights lamps

Deependra, Dipendra = Lord of lights

Deepesh, Dipesh = Lord of light

Deeptanshu = The sun

Deeptendu, Diptendu = Bright Moon

Deeptiman = Lustrous

Deeptimoy, Deeptimay = Lustrous

Dev, Deb = Divinity, God

Devadatta = Gift of the god

Devagya = With knowledge of God

Devajyoti = Brightness of the lord

Devak = Divine

Devdan = The gift of the gods

Deven = Like a God

Devesh = Lord Shiva

Deveshwar = Lord Shiva

Devi = Breton: The beloved, the adored one Sanskrit: Godlike, a goddess

Devvrat = Bhishma

Dhananjay = Name of Arjun, One who wins wealth

Dhanapati, Dhanpati = Lord of wealth

Dhanesh = Lord of wealth

Dhanu = The bow

Dhanvin = Archer

Dharmaketu = One who upholds the right way, Son of Urmila & Lakshman in Hindu epic ‘Ramayan’

Dhruv = The polar star, Constant, Faithful

Dhyanesh = Meditative, Lord of contemplation

Dhyaneshwar = Lord of meditation

Digambar, Digambara = Unencumbered, Sky-clad

Dinakar, Dinkar = The sun

Dinesh = The lord of the day, The sun

Divaakar, Divakar, Deevakar = The sun

Divjot = Divine light

Dron, Drona = Teacher of Arjun in Hindu epic ‘Mahabharat’

Dwaipayan, Dwaipayana = The sage Vyasa, Another name of Veda Vyasa, Island-born