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Gupta Empire Women

The condition of women in the Gupta Empire period slowly deteriorated. The women were given secondary position in the Gupta Empire society. It was expected from a woman to obey her father before she was married, then after marriage obey her husband and finally to obey her son. Thus, the life of a woman in Gupta period was confined within the restrictions imposed upon her by the male members of the family.

During the Gupta period girls were married off at a tender age of six to seven years. The early marriage of girls guaranteed the fact that they were chaste. Widow re- marriage was permitted at times. However, by and large the concept of widow re- marriage was not very well received by the Gupta people. The incidences of sati were rare but they took place during the Gupta period. In case a woman opposed to throw herself in the funeral pyre of her husband, she was eschewed by the society members. Thus, fearing the shunning of the society women were forced to commit the act of sati.

During the Gupta dynasty period the male members of a family were entitled to inherit property left behind by their fathers. However, such right of inheritance was not given to women or girls. The power of inheritance enabled the male members of a family to exercise dominance over the women. Since education was given importance during this period, women were permitted to obtain education. They were however restricted from studying sacred texts or even participate in any rituals.

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