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Gupta Empire Medicines

The Gupta Empire period was popular for several reasons. One of the reasons was the advancement achieved by the Gupta’s in the field of medicine. This was one of the divisions of science. Many new developments were brought about in the medical area.

The Charaka samhita and the Sushruta samhita were the significant works of medicine. There were hospitals established during the Gupta period where sick were properly taken care of. During the Gupta dynasty period there was usage of mercury and iron in medicine.

The use of these materials indicates the fact that the people belonging to the Gupta era had the knowledge of chemistry and they even practiced it. A lot of development took place in the field of medicine.

This is shown by the fact that doctors during that time were aware of operations and also knew how to conduct one in case it is required. It is also believed that the Gupta people had the knowledge of vaccinations.

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