Gupta Empire Location: The Gupta Empire was named after the Gupta dynasty which ruled approximately between 320- 550 CE. The Gupta dynasty period is regarded as the Golden Age of India. The following table will help in understanding the geographical location of the Gupta Empire-

Gupta Empire Location

Reign of the Gupta Ruler Territories under the Gupta Empire / Gupta Empire Location

Chandragupta-I (320-335 CE) Acquired the Lichchhavi dynasty Kingdom by virtue of his marriage to the Lichchhavi Princess. It comprised of an area stretching from Ganges River to Prayaga (modern-day Allahabad)

Samudragupta (332- 375 AD) Invaded kingdoms like Ahichchhatra, Padmavati, the Malwas, Yaudheyas, the Arjunayanas, the Maduras, and Abhiras. The empire extended from the Himalayas to River Narmada and from the Brahmaputra to the Yamuna.

Chandragupta II (375- 415 CE) Gupta Empire consisted of areas like Malwa, Gujarat, Saurashtra, and Bengal. Foreign tribes like Persians, the Hunas, Kamjobas, Kinnaras, and Kirates were defeated and their territories were conquered. During his reign, Ujjain became the second capital of the Gupta Empire.