Beginning of the Gupta Empire: The period prior to the establishment of the Gupta Empire was known as the Dark Age. The origin of the Gupta kingdom is ambiguous and continues to be a topic of debate among many historians.

Beginning of the Gupta Empire

The Gupta’s rose to power sometime around 240 AD. The founder of the Gupta Empire was Sri- Gupta. He ruled from 240- 280 AD. During the reign of Sri- Gupta the Gupta Empire comprised of Bengal and some areas of Bihar.

The Beginning of the Gupta Empire

However, the Empire reached its zenith during the rule of Chandragupta I. Chandragupta I was the grandson of Sri- Gupta and ascended the throne as the ruler of the Gupta Empire after the death of his father, Ghatotkach. He was considered to be a powerful ruler who expanded the territories of the Empire.

Beginning of the Gupta Empire

Chandragupta I had acquired the Lichchhavi dynasty Kingdom by virtue of his marriage to the Lichchhavi Princess. It comprised of an area stretching from Ganges River to Prayaga (modern-day Allahabad). Chandragupta, I was succeeded by two most capable and powerful rulers like Samudragupta and Chandragupta II.