15 Cool Ideas during Lockdown

Let’s jump straight to the list

Slow down – take more time to do things including tidying things up, folding clothes, daily chores

There is so much noise. Everyone has a point of view. If you hear experts, they always start with “we think”, maybe, but etc. So, cut down the noise by going off Whatsapp, Facebook and focus on positive things mentioned below.

Blank out all the people who claim to know. It’s as virulent as the virus itself. Realistically, you know by now that no one knows how it’s going to unfold. Your common sense predictions will be as good as experts.

Learn something new – Did you not always imagine oh, I would learn this if I had more time. Well. your wish is granted. Use it. Here are some great FREE sites with great tutorials in anything you can think of – edx onlineHarvard onlineCoursera and off course YouTube has great resources.

Here are some ideas – Learn Piano basics, How to read sheet music, learn the basics of any foreign language, know about Greek HistoryClassic English authors. So many things to do. I am spending time learning Psychology and learning some new card magic tricks on YouTube!

Unlearn something. Why not make an attempt to unlearn a few things – smoking perhaps?

Develop solitary hobbies. Why not treat this time as if this is you after retirement, less mobile and how would it play out? Reading, Writing, Painting, Cooking, Gardening are quite popular.

Teach. Why not teach some skill that you are good in? Use google classroom, Insta live, Zoom, hangout to take online sessions. Trust me, people will turn up.

Catch up on old classics. Plenty of free movies and TV shows on YouTube, Netflix and other providers.

Digitise old pictures and Videos. This is what am doing as well. Scanning old physical photos, converting old mini DV cassettes to digital files.

Sort out and write down your finances. Clearly, sharing online account details with a spouse, writing down all those insurance policy details, funds and investments.

Call up online with old friends and relatives. There is no better time to catch up with F & F if you have lost touch. No excuse of time now.

Visit museums virtually – thanks to google

Play Bingo / Housie online with friends & family. Just google. Many sites have pdf files that can be distributed with someone calling out numbers using a hangout call.

Play board games with family. Besides Carrom, Chess, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Scotland yard, Business. The list is endless.

Idea no 15 – Write your own list and share with friends!

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